Extending WooCommerce Admin in 2022

The new WooCommerce Admin Dashboard was a great addition in terms of user experience, functionality, and imporving overall design. However, if you're used to the way things were, then you'd probably have a hard time adjusting to all the new tools needed to get started developing in the new WooCommerce

WooCommerce Dashboard

I knew I would have this problem again, so I wrote it down and decided to share it thinking some other might run into the same issues.

Setting up the development environment

The most important part, the environment is very strict when developing in WooCommerce. As of now, the working environment is:

  • Node 16 (strongly recommend using a version manager like fnm or nvm)
  • Docker
  • pnpm @ 11.0.0

This isn't the best article for a beginner.

Feature plugin instead of core

The new WooCommerce Admin Dashboard is a feature plugin, which means it's not part of the core WooCommerce plugin. This means that you need to install the plugin separately.

While it is annoying, you get tons of new features and abilities that weren't reasonable in the counterpart.

Some of the new features available

  1. New Filters
  2. Ability to download
  3. Better graphs and faster loading
  4. Personalized reporting

If you want to learn more about the new WooCommerce Admin Dashboard, you can read the official announcement here. https://woocommerce.com/posts/woocommerce-admin-a-new-central-dashboard-for-woocommerce/