Demari Miller E-commerce and automation Expert

Hi, I'm Demari

I help busy entrepreneurs make more profit with less time

Are dreams of headache-free product launches ruined by putting out fires, instablity, and 40 step SOPs? My free email course, The Lean Process Bootcamp will show you how you can begin implementing automation in your online store right away.

Crafting a design system for a multiplanetary future

Most companies try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to visual design, but for Planetaria we needed to create a brand that would still inspire us 100 years from now when humanity has spread across our entire solar system.

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    Product Designer
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    iOS Software Engineer
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    Shift Supervisor
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Quality work and fast turn around time. Totally happy with the results..

NYC Servers

Demari is knowledgeable, helped us understand our situation. He also went above and beyond making sure our project was in a good position. We look forward to working with him in the future.


Demari delivered high-quality work, extremely fast! Very satisfied with the product Demari produced and gave a bonus for the quick turnaround. Will be hiring Demari for future projects. Highly recommend this freelancer..


Demari is awesome. He took in a lot of my current branding and some of my inspirational artifacts (pictures, websites, etc.) and created a great vision for going forward. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again in the future.


Demari is awesome! He is a creative problem solver, efficient worker, and great communicator. When he put his proposal for the job, he offered 3 different theories/ideas he had for what could be causing the problems with my website. I appreciated him giving his insight before I had even hired him. He is skilled with working with Elementor so I will definitely be reaching out to him for any future website hiccups. Thanks again Demari!

Daniel Burwen

Demari is a person to have on the team. Not only does he bring development skills, but he is hands on, pro-active and is ready to deliver high value. He helped us out with several projects, which he was able to fill different roles including developer and team lead. As a business owner, I also really appreciate his attitude and effort of looking at long term solutions, and strategizing around a business goal. I highly recommend hiring Demari for your next project

Arturo Lopez

Demari is a rare find, patient, knowledgable, and easy to work with. He took initiative to help trouble shoot my needs before the contract even began - and was quick to trouble shoot and course correct as we went. Versatile at both back end trouble shooting, as well as front end tasks like setting up wordpress themes and design. Highly recommend.

Daniel Burwen Again